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Thanks for checking my work out here at Better Photo go see my Jewelry at

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Question   Nice work!
Hi Shahn,

I bought a few pieces from you on the weekend. I have had many compliments on them.
The 1940 rose ring, and spoon e/r.
I just checked out your site. You have many beautiful pieces.

Take care. :)


- Nancy Reeve 9/18/2012 7:25:40 AM

  Answer Thanks Very Much Nancy I work very hard trying to be artistic and creative.

- Shahn T.  9/21/2012 10:38:16 AM

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Question   i have question about the design.
are you selling or sharing some of the design info . my reason is my wife has RA and when I seen the crazy RV show and the light comes on. I know there won't be a Draco 2 but anything that I can build to make her lift easy is worth it.
thank in sharing Draco.bob

- bob Mann 5/2/2012 12:41:37 PM

  Answer Hi Bob

Anything I can do that may help just ask away.
Take Care

- Shahn T.  9/21/2012 10:39:51 AM

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Question   Photos, Draco, Trailer
Awesome shots! Fantastic Vehicles! Very refreshing. Between your Photography, your Mechanical Skills & your Vision, I can see that your a skilled "Jack of all Trades & Master of a Few." Gave me some more ideas. Thanks for sharing & keep up the great work!

- Drew Squires 4/10/2012 8:01:01 AM

  Answer Thanks very much Drew.

Lots of sleepless nights :-)


- Shahn T.  4/10/2012 9:28:08 AM

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Question   You
Your creative mind is genius!

- Lynn Fairweather 2/19/2012 4:49:19 PM

  Answer Thanks Lynn

- Shahn T.  9/21/2012 10:41:01 AM

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Question   Wish I could do what you have done!
We travel North America showing dogs. As my Class C gets older and needs work, I dream of being able to convert it to actually fit our needs. We would probably need a whole new chassis to do this, but I can still dream! Always enjoy hearing about Draco and your story. Your photos also inspire me to continue with my photography. Be safe & Keep up the fun!!!

- Darlene Scheiris 10/8/2011 1:10:34 PM

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Question   Hi
Just wanted to compliment your creativity. Saw the RV show today. Makes me want to travel and have a vagabond lifestyle.

Love & Peace to you,
Roberta Vickers

- Roberta Vickers 7/21/2011 2:39:58 PM

  Answer Thanks Roberta

It is a life like no other.

Take Care

- Shahn T.  9/21/2012 10:42:14 AM

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Question   Draco
Draco has a new coat of black latex house paint and is currently stored and driven in Northern Arizona. He is in good shape and awaiting some updating to the lights and house battery pack.

- Tim Williams 12/20/2010 4:57:27 PM

  Answer Black paint in the Arizona sun sounds a bit uncomfortable but it is "The North".
As they say keep the wheels down.

Have fun.

- Shahn T.  12/21/2010 10:42:51 PM

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